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noun [ tal-is-muh n, iz-] 


A natural amplifier, often a crystal, that has a specific

ability to aid a person in focusing and enhancing their power.


The power of a talisman is its ability to aid in positive thought processes, practices
and actions.

Our feelings become our thoughts.
Our thoughts drive us to action.
Our actions solidify and become our habits.
Our habits lead us to our future.=

A talisman is both a focus tool and a natural amplifier.


As a focus, its serves to control our feelings to lead us to the right thoughts. It serves to focus our thoughts to lead us to performing the actions we need to take. It focuses our actions, creating important new habits. It is through these habits that our desired destiny is achieved.


As an amplifier, a talisman brings us the ability to join with the power and energy of the Universal Life Force of this planet. This power and energy serve to multiply our own individual efforts when they are properly applied.


For Talisman it is important to cleanse utilizing any or all of the below methods:


Sun/Moonlight: Let your crystals rest and charge outside in light of the sun or moon for at least 4 hours.


Use Selenite or Quartz: Both Selenite and Quartz serve as natural purifiers without ever losing any of their own energy. Lay your crystal on a piece of quartz or selenite for six hours and allow it to absorb natural purifying energy.


Natural smoke: Not only will burning Sage and Palo Santo make your home smell great, they’ll have your crystals feeling great, too. Immerse your crystal with the sacred smoke until your piece becomes energetically still. Trust yourself to recognize this stillness.


Use your own Energy: You are powerful! Speak purity and positivity into your crystal, it will react. Charge your talisman with your life!

BRASS METAL DISCLAIMER: Metal will naturally dull with air exposure, therefore a polish pad is provided with each order. Use as you desire, to polish and re-shine your talisman. Although! Most like the antique feel that comes with the natural wear. Interaction with chemicals by way of soaps and lotions can cause skin to turn green. A simple practice of removing jewelry prior to using products will prevent skin from turning. If you believe you have sensitive skin please consider Gold or Silver for your talisman to avoid irritation.
REPAIRS: Jewelry is not indestructible! Please consider this while wearing and storing. We will repair any talisman ordered within 60 days, beyond that there will be a repair cost.
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