Charge your talisman with your life!

With the life that surrounds you!

And with the light from within!

Intention: To serve as a mindfulness adornment + a reminder to be responsible for your personal vibration felt.

All created by hand. Metal starts as a piece of sheet metal. Through the process of hand sawing, filing, hammering, sanding, polishing + crystal wrapping and in some cases fire bonding, we manifest tangible magic.

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

In the name of Love Soundz, we exchanged + captured authenticity for our seasonal collection, VIBES.


Happiness is the standard

Perfection is our inheritance

Vibrational purity is the soul's core

Laughter is our greatest expression

Everything we needed was right here

Paradise was within our sacred realm

The rays of light blessed our inner realms

Mother nature blessed our atmosphere

Effortless + Natural

We beam with Talisman!

Honoring our unlimited realm

Stimulated by the VIBES of life

Thanks is given

Our love flow is infinite

We flow with supreme clarity

We move in confidence

Adorned for success

and the manifestations are beauty

Exchanging expressions

Setting the LIGHT Vibe

Expanding the oneness of our spirit sync